[Gift for White Valentine's Day] Must know 10 zero failures White V-Day gifts idea!

[Gift for White Valentine's Day] Must know 10 zero failures White V-Day gifts idea!

[Gift for White Valentine's Day] Must know 10 zero failures White V-Day gifts idea!

Spending the time with you is so precious, I love every minute that we're together! 

Have you received any present on February 14th? Have you got any idea what to give in return to your sweetheart? Or you have missed out on Valentine's Day and want to gather courage to your goddess/ prince charming on White Valentine's Day?

Undoubtedly,  these festivals have became commercial, but in fact who doesn't love surprises?who doesn't love to be spoiled!?

Valentine's Day is also to determine whether your other half is a person with insight and insight into your own heart. If you love somebody, you must say it and show it.

In addition to saying that "I love you", treat them! Choosing the right gift does reflects your love. If you are worried that your other half taste is too bad, or you don’t want them to waste money on  wrong gift that makes you hate your life more, you should share the following article with them lol!

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1. Bernardo Thad, FLOR DE CEREZO - ELEGANTE $1,280

The watch brand hosted by Hong Kong singer Jason Chan. Bernardo Thad has always followed the simple and fresh design style. Most of the watches are suitable for both men and women. Your goddess must received the Flora Blossom series with a blooming smile and full of the joys of spring!
情人節送禮】要愛就要抓緊時機,必看10個情人節示愛零失敗禮物手錶款推介! Bernardo Thad, Mármol $1,280

Pink is too cute? Want a couple matching watches? Black and white is always the best match just like you two! Marble prints has never subsided!


Van Gogh $2,180 - $2,480
If your lover loves art, or even a fan of Van Gogh, then this brand which licensed and named after Van Gogh is right! The new genuine leather quartz watch series is a new interpretation of Van Gogh's classic paintings, and present in the form of 3D oil painting! (I really want to own the collection lol!)


3. Romago $998 - $238,00

Romago Swiss' quality and design will never disappoint you. There are entry-level models at affordable prices, as well as special limited series with higher prices. For women's, the RM007-0053 and RM002 series are highly recommended; Romago Swiss is particularly well-known and popular in male watches. The latest season's RM105 - Double Racer ii and RM097 Series - Super Carbon X  for meticulous, workmanship will absolutely in love with them!


4. MINI $1,870 - $5,380

Mini Cooper fans must buy! Multi-colored and various Mini watches have the most classic colors, and to match your favourite dream cars! If you don’t have the ability to buy a Mini car at this moment, a Mini watch can hopefully quench your thirst!


5. M.B.K. $1,650 - $3,520

Simple design from California, has always used simple design, combining visual appreciation, technology and practicality. Unisex styles are worn by men and women and are very versatile! Cost-effective! All steel strap models come with a leather strap.


6. Trifoglio Italia $1,359 - $1,838

The classic surface design of the Italian brand Trifoglio combines the style and inspiration of the United States & Italy. The fine details are luxurious and fashionable, and the style is suitable for men and women.


7. Invicta $1,330 - $4,774

Men who like the heavy industry styling details, will definitely fall in love with the invincible watch brand from Switzerland. The price are ground coupled with fine craftsmanship and design can highlight the status and taste of the wearer. Girlfriends and future girlfriends should definitely think about it! Watches with Roulette designs is one of our most popular item!


8. Citizen $1860 - $46,800

The long-established Japanese brand "Citizen" has developed into its own brand from a watch factory since 1918. No doubt of their technology and quality, and this established the brand's value and status! Business and mature hunk will love the style and perfect idea of ​​the Citizen men's series. 


The design for women of Citizen watch is noble and generous, and the goddess with a temperamental career will definitely think that you have unique eyes.


9. Coronet $4,050 - $12,820

The name Coronet is familiar? That's the jewellery sponsors elected for Miss Hong Kong. Their jewellery and diamond crowns often appear on the big screen. They are also famous for ten Guinness World Records, all related to diamonds. Want to treat your goddess like a princess, and noble diamond watches also have entry-level models for the people. Which girl doesn't love diamonds!


10. Elysee $2,480 - $16,800
German-made watches, simple, unique and classic design elements with retro style, is definitely a Valentine's Day gift with zero failure!


One of the best-selling styles of women collection - Monrose, is a laser-engraved heart-shaped style that sees mechanical details. The surface is inlaid with amphibole, which is very elegant and unique.This style saves $ 1,200 with coupon code 30% off which is only $2,816! Let your eye candy carry your love everyday! 情人節送禮】要愛就要抓緊時機,必看10個情人節示愛零失敗禮物手錶款推介!

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