Father's Day selection - HKD2000 budget automatic watches

Father's Day selection - HKD2000 budget automatic watches

ONEMALLTIME brought you our Father's day offer for Celebrating the Father's Day.

From now on till 30 June 2019, purchasing any M.B.K watches from ONEMALLTIME online platform or ONEMALLTIME app to enjoy 20% off with entering coupon code: LoveDad2019.

The selection of M.B.K - The California style automatic watches.

California's design is simple, bright, elegant, stylish and other characteristics that people love, its very matches for your life, your travel, even business. M.B.K. is looking for breakthroughs. More and more men are not confined to the office to talk about work and business.

California M.B.K watches

Planet series - Orginal Price from HKD 2,080 / Discounted Priced from HKD 1,664

American modern wristwatch, a new trend of simplicity. Continue California's simplicity style, incorporate fashion elements into it, and create a simple and extraordinary classic. Highlight the elegant atmosphere style, can more highlight the unique personality. The wristwatch is made of Globoidal Globoidal glass, which has a more spatial texture and keeps the clear aesthetic feeling of the dial visually.

California M.B.K watches

Pilot Series - Orginal Price from HKD 2,350 / Discounted Priced from HKD 1,880

During World War II, the U.S. Air Force won many victories, and its leading aircraft manufacturing impressed the world. It is the ancestor of modern industrial art. This series not only pays tribute to the U.S. Air Force during World War II, but also has a strong feeling that it returns triumphantly to the touching scene of the U.S. Air Force kissing its lover. Michael BEN's minimalist design makes this series of tables collide with the art of design in retro and simplicity.

California M.B.K watches

California M.B.K watches

Geometry series - Orginal Price from HKD 2,180 / Discounted Priced from HKD 1,744

Mr. BEN used a lot of geometry sketches and calculations in designing watches (MBK geometry series). A series of geometric applications, such as triangle, square, circle, rectangle, rhombus, square, etc., combine the pursuit of simplicity and the exploration of space sense. Thus it was born (MBK geometry series). This is a tribute to exploration and knowledge.

California M.B.K watches

Principle series - Orginal Price from HKD 2,080 / Discounted Priced from 1,664

Designed by Michael BEN, the designer pays tribute to the works of art in the building of Apple Headquarters Building, combining with Apple's pursuit of product quality and the good pursuit and design of user experience. UFO-shaped buildings are well integrated with watches! Inspired by the Apple Headquarters building, it combines practicality and simplicity with modern technology.

California M.B.K watches

Concise series - Orginal Price from HKD 1,650 / Discounted Priced from HKD 1,320

The famous California master wristwatch designer Yao Shi-wen has condensed the concise essence of California industrial design with the independent, persistent and concise design style, interpreting different free charm.

California M.B.K watches

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