Easter Limited offer – foreigner design timepiece

Easter Limited offer – foreigner design timepiece

The selected watches introduced to you in this issue are from Taiwan, Japan and the United States. Each watch has its own characteristics. During the Easter period, you can enjoy more holiday discounts. It is definitely worthy of the watch.

1) TACS AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens II)

Camera Lens Inspired And Skeleton Movement
By exposing AVL II’s intricate heart, TACS hopes to highlight the beauty of camera and watch mechanics. To add extra protection, we used anti-reflective sapphire glass to mimic the look of a camera lens.

Set Your Focus With Rotating Bezel And Tactile Crown

AVL II features a screw-down, diamond-cut crown for to give off a quintessentially camera-related look while also providing tactile grip when adjusting the time. The bezel rotates, just like when adjusting a camera lens.

Beautiful Inside and out

Beauty is not just skin-deep with our timepieces. A Citizen Miyota 82S0 movement ensures the reliability of a Swiss-made movement while a stunning sapphire glass back design lets you see all the intricate inner workings of your timepiece.


AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens II)

Our domed sapphire crystal includes AR coating, scratch resistance and a fish-eye effect so that you really feel like you’re looking at a camera lens.


AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens II)

By replacing traditional minute indicator digits with popular focal lengths, we are able to create a subtle tie between timepiece and camera.


AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens II)

By using the types of shapes and materials that can be commonly found on cameras, AVL II looks distinctly like a camera when viewed straight on.


AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens II)

Tucked right beside the screw-down crown, AVL II features a design cue based on a camera loop. This small detail helps embellish the aesthetic of a camera with your timepiece.


AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens II)

Take your timepiece everywhere your camera goes, but never have to worry about getting it wet.


AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens II)

Quality leather straps help to maximize comfort while also adding a vintage touch of class to AVL II.

AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens II)


  • Type Automatic
  • Crystal Sapphire Crystals
  • Case Material Stainless Steel
  • Case Diameter 47mm
  • Case Thickness 16mm
  • Strap Material Leather
  • Strap Material (More Details) Calf Leather
  • Strap Width 24mm
  • Water Resistant 10 ATM
  • Movement Miyota
  • Movement (More Details) 21 Jewels CITIZEN Miyota 8250

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2) M.B.K integrates conciseness fashion and technology


Simple, classical and quality life

Inspired by the exploration to future industrial scientific and technical products in California and created by integrating with the unpredictable fashion trend, the wristwatch comes into being, and its wonderful appearance and excellent detail make it become fashionable and typical, and full of the local custom and styles of California.

MBK adopts the people-oriented concise design.
The concise design annotates the modernism style of people and advocates the expression of beauty in a concise manner.

Aesthetic design


MBK California concise design refuses exaggeration and advocates to express beauty in a concise manner. The California concise design brings more soul to the product and integrates well the technology with the practical use, visual appreciation with comfort, and hence creates more and more excellent industrial design works.

Geometric principle

“If there is a supporting point and long enough pole, I can lift the world,” said by Archimedes. Such expression of Archimedes makes people know the geometry in an intuitional way and more certifies the knowledge has powerful strength.

MBK are developing as they are keeping on making exploration in knowledge. Mr. BEN utilized geometric sketch and calculation when designing the wristwatch (MBK principle series).


A series of geometric shapes, such as triangle, square, roundness, rectangle, rhombus and foursquare, are used in the design to go after the minimalism and the conciseness, and explore the spatial feeling.

MBK are developing as they are keeping on making exploration in knowledge. Mr. BEN utilized geometric sketch and calculation when designing the wristwatch (MBK principle series).

M1008G-P51ALT / M1008G-P51EHT / M1008G-P56WVT


  • Type: Automatic
  • Crystal: Sapphire Glass
  • Case Diameter: 42mm
  • Case Thickness: 13mm
  • Aperture: Display Date
  • Strap Material: Stainless Steel
  • Strap Width: 20mm
  • Strap Length: 125mm
  • Water Resistant: 5 ATM
  • Movement: Japanese Seiko machine core

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3) Taylor - A fusion of traditional watch and smart function


Taylor watch was awarded in 2017 IF Discipline products. Designed in Taiwan. It's a good timepiece can make or break an outfit and it may also be an expression of one's personality. Thus, the design is made simple, beautiful and classic to complement any outfit. The appearance of the watches is streamlined to align with one's lifestyle. This makes it more enjoyable to put on this wrist apparel

Taylor watch

TAYLOR Watch offers its users.


Contrary to most smartwatches, Taylor watches functions even when they are not connected to the phone or when they run out of battery. They would tell Time, Date, Day and steps taken even when it is not connected. How does this matter to you? Taylor Watch will just simply be your daily wrist apparel when you are lazy to get it connected or when you forgot to do so.

Taylor watch


For the explorers and travel enthusiasts, the watch transforms into a compass simply with a push of 2 buttons to help you navigate on the go – experience the most authentic way of traveling once again. (Especially useful when you can't have access to GPS)

Wireless Charging

User-friendly and foolproof charging method. Place the watch on the coin-size charging dock. When the watch is charging, observe flashing green light on the side of the charging dock. Taylor is one of the fastest charging Smartwatches.

Taylor watch


You will now receive notifications not only from SMS, calls, and emails but also your social media accounts such as Instagram and many other application chosen by you. The watch vibrates gently to notify you of incoming messages even without taking out your phone during a meeting or in the subway.

25Days Battery Life

Powered by the lithium battery, each charging takes only 30-45mins and last up to 25-30 days. The watch will auto disconnect from the mobile App when the battery is left with 10% in order to conserve energy and that the watch could continue to tell time.

Activity Tracker

Fill up your personal particulars from your birthday to your height and weight on Taylor Watch App. Let your watch keep track of your calories output from daily to weekly while you are on the move.

Taylor watch


Choose your daily step goal. View your progress in the form of a percentage on your watch to know how close you are to fulfilling your daily target.


Changing your watch time as you move from one country to another is quick and hassle-free. Key in the country/time zone that you would like the time on your watch to be and you will see the time and date hand adjust and shift to its new position in less than a second.


Never lose your phone again with this function. Your watch will give a unique vibration pattern to alert you when your phone is at a distance away from you.






Taylor watch

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