New Apple Watch 2 rumours - Front-facing camera

New Apple Watch 2 rumours - Front-facing camera

It looks like the Apple Watch 2 has been pushed back to September 2016, The latest Apple Watch 2 rumours it might get a front-facing camera for selfies and FaceTime video calls. 

Many of the new features that Apple Watch will get access to in the coming months and years will be software-based: either updates to watchOS, or new Apple Watch apps. But Apple is sure to squeeze in a few headline features when it next update the hardware. Here's what we're expecting.

Apple Watch 2 features: Front-facing camera for selfies & FaceTime
We're now hearing from multiple sources that Apple is going to add a front-facing camera to the second-generation Apple Watch, although opinions differ on whether this is intended to cater for FaceTime or selfies (or both), and whether it will offer video or just stills photography.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is planning to add a FaceTime video camera to the Apple Watch 2, which will enable users to make and receive FaceTime calls via their wrists. The new FaceTime camera is said to be integrated into the top bezel of the Apple Watch 2, though we're not too sure how many people would actively FaceTime via a watch. It would get annoying holding up the wrist for more than a few minutes, for one thing.

Still, Apple has already made its watch partially FaceTime-ready: watchOS 2 brings support for FaceTime audio calls. Does that indicate that it'll soon move on to video calls? Perhaps.

9To5Mac does note, though, that Apple trials many prototypes of its products before settling on the final one, so the FaceTime camera might not make it into the final model that makes its way into stores.

Reference: macworld.

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